October Baking – Tim Tam and Funfetti Cake

What’s in store for October Cakes?

Hello Little Birdy’s!

Tim Tams are such an iconic Aussie staple. There is nothing better than sitting down to a cuppa with a Tim Tam to accompany it. I came across the notion of a Tim Tam Crave Ball while researching cake flavours and I instantly fell for them. What’s not to love? Cream cheese and Tim Tams rolled into a delicious ball. Yummo! I had to have them on a cake!

Tim Tams on a cake!!
Using an icon that everyone loves

I have been wanting to do a cake featuring good old Aussie Tim Tams for some time. However I just couldn’t find a good way to display the biscuits without it either being too expensive or look silly. I tried a few different ways of decorating the cake but nothing really popped.

Teamed with the Tim Tam Crave balls, the Tim Tams took centre stage and the concept was born. The only thing to do was to test the product. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! They were delicious. I teamed them with our signature chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream and topped them with whole Tim Tams and a chocolate glaze.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Chocolate Tim Tam Cake, getting it right wasn't easy but it was well worth it!

You have to admit, the cake looks delicious 🙂

What is a Funfetti Cake?

Our second flavour for October is a funfetti cake. I just love funfetti. The idea of cutting open a cake and seeing all the colours flecked through the cake is always a joy. What is funfetti you ask? Well, it’s like confetti but fun! The little coloured sprinkles are called Jimmies. They are specially made so that they will dissolve in the cake and leave the colour behind. Their colour does not run when you mix them into the batter like standard sprinkles do and do not sink to the bottom of the cake. Also, when you put them on icing they don’t leave marks. Winner Winner!

The idea of cutting open a cake and seeing all the colours flecked through the cake is always a joy.

Some fun with funfetti

They do need to be bought from a cake supply store however they are well worth it. I like to buy mine in bulk (as I go through a few lol) at Lollipop Cake Supplies. But if you only need a small amount than most of the cake supply stores will carry them. Check out the list below to find your nearest store in Brisbane.

Cakes Around Town – www.cakesaroundtown.com.au

Lollipop Cake Supplies – www.lollipopcakesupplies.com.au

Bake Boss – www.bakeboss.com.au

If you need a cake this October than head over to our Order Cakes page and see how we can help your business celebrate!

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